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The Renew Podcast with Kristin Andree

May 4, 2021

After the most recent Rachel Hollis scandal, I sat down with fellow Rachel Hollis fan, the Marvelous Mrs. Mendoza to discuss the importance of relating to people. Now that the author of Girl, Stop Apologizing, has been forced to apologize, we also discuss how she will publicly recover and learn from the situation.

Apr 28, 2021

Parenting is such a huge topic that my fabulous co-host Mia Andree volunteered to continue the conversation and dive deeper. We discuss the difficulties of growing up these days, and what parents are doing right, as well as how we can improve and better support our children!

Apr 15, 2021

We’re talking about CHIVALRY and KINDNESS (from men AND women). What does the world look like’s it trending...and what do YOU think about it? Has kindness taken a backseat in today’s world? Is honor, courtesy & gratitude prevalent in today’s world - or is it on the decline? Is chivalry antiquated...

Apr 6, 2021

Parenting is simultaneously the most challenging and rewarding part of my life! This week my co-host Matt Steele and I discuss our parenting philosophies and how we navigate raising kids!

Mar 31, 2021

Today on the RENEW Podcast, we’re talking about building COMMUNITY the good, the bad, and the how-to strategies to build yourself a great one!

PLUS, we’ll be talking about why so many folks, instead of building others up, choose to instead tear them down - especially as it relates to men not supporting other men,...